President Speech
   Our highest priority is 100% customer satisfaction. From our humble beginning in 2009, to become the larger manufacturers of USB, we have stick to our principle of quality first and foremost. Since its modest founding in 2009, we have grown up to the larger manufacturing company with total staff strength of 350 including high level of technical team with more than 15 engineers dedicated for Research and Development. 
   Our forward thinking strategy has made us a consistent source of innovation across the industry in USB and our production flexibility has allowed us to keep pace with the changing market demands. China Zhongyiming main priority is to meet and exceeds the expectations of its customers. We are committed to provide excellent service in all areas of production like planning, development, design, manufacturing and implementation.
   While meeting the needs of our customers today, China Zhongyiming is already working to maximize our potential in our core industries for the future. Supported by our proven track record, we look to the future with great hope and promise. We are pursuing the development of human resources who will become a driving force for our company. We have developed an environment in which not only product development technology and production technology, but also high level of ethical standards and a sense of responsibility are created among the employees. 
   We thrive to create work culture where every China Zhongyiming employees is full of enthusiasm and can demonstrate their full potential from their respective positions. We will continue to make high quality and pioneering products that are trusted by society, and it will continue to provide products and technologies that benefit people's lives. We welcome all clients from various parts of world to visit and can see a firsthand look of our capabilities.


                                                                                                                                                            Mr. Jacky Huang

                                                                                                                                                            General Manage